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❄ Post-canon, pre new manga, non-anime
❄ Canon, OC, AU-canon friendly
❄ “One universe” single ship land
❄ Because of his character he’ll be in your universe
❄ Period do not question it
❄ Feel free to send asks to discuss this
❄ Will talk to any ‘universe’/series
❄ All style welcome para/script/icon war
❄ 8+ years experience with character
❄ 3+ year experience on tumblr


✖ ๏ ☃

((Oh no! D8 Two of the symbols aren’t working

๏ - What do you like on your toast? Or bagels.

 Bagles always get cream cheese. If strawberry flavor is available then it is that over the plain king.

As for toast, it’s literally depending on my mood that morning and how much effort I want to put into my toast. XD It can be just butter, or with butter and cinnamon, or jelly (with the jelly over the butter), or a toasted PBJ. Lol Sometimes I get so lazy I decide to not even toast the bread. oops lol))

((Almost done with my relationship page. Just adding a few more things for some people and then I’ll be done. 8D

If you still want in on it, please tell me and I will add you. ;D))

((Just putting this out there

I love how my character invites people to use ice puns with me.

And I legit mean it. Please! Send them my way. I need new material anyway.))

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((I keep saying I’m going to update my relationship page but never get around to it, but now I’m very annoyed/disappointed with what my current one looks like. -___-;;;;

SO I WILL get this done tonight. xD

If anyone would like to be in it, please like this post/send me a message (whichever works best for you) and I’ll start looking for an image for your slot. ;D

FYI: these are the people who need not appy

If you aren’t on this list and would like to be please, again, just message me or like this post. (8 ))



Re-watching the original Flash TV show starring John Wesley Shipp. A lot of differences between this show and the new one, not to mention the comic book. Barry Allen has a brother named Jay and a nephew named Sean. Tina McGee’s husband died in an accident at S.T.A.R….


((✈ - First kiss story.

Oh. @///@ well, okay. Let’s start here. Lol

It was actually my most recent Ex that I had my first kiss with. It was during the summer before I started college (which was back in 2011) and he I forgot what we were doing that day. Maybe just hanging out at his place? I was about to drive home and he kissed me before I got in my truck and drove away.

☄ - Do you have any weird sleeping habits?

Don’t know if you’d call it weird but I always go to bed fully covered and sleeping on either my back or side and half the time I wake up either half of the covers off of me or I wake up on my stomach with my pillow on the floor. XD

✖ - Have you ever had surgery, if so, where?

I’ve had my tonsils taken out. -shrugs-))

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Siiigh. I’m done for. Stick a fork in me: done.




You said 'chill'.”


"A little slow to the catch there, aren’t cha hot shot.


                                                      [x] Good was never an option.

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Send me one or more of the follow symbols!

☮ - If you could only eat at one fast food place for the rest of your life, where would it be?
✈ - First kiss story.
☠ - Embarrassing story from middle school.
✌ - First rp muse you ever played.
✖ - Have you ever had surgery, if so, where?
☢ - Hair color? Eye color? 
☣ - Whats your favorite thing about yourself, physically && personality?
❖ - TV show that pisses you off but you can’t stop watching like a train wreck?
♔ - An unpopular opinion you have about something a lesser known fandom.
♚ - Favorite reality TV shows.
★ - Favorite TV shows outside of the tumblr huge realm, (excluding Superwholock, TVD, Teen Wolf, TWD, Marvel)
☆ - Pick five of your favorite movies that start with the first letter of your first name.
☄ - Do you have any weird sleeping habits?
◎ - Last thing you recorded on TV through TiVO or your DVR?
ღ - Best present you ever received, worst present you ever received.
๏ - What do you like on your toast? Or bagels. 
☺ - Preferred playing piece in Monopoly?
☻ - Do you believe in ghosts? Lochness monster? Bigfoot? Yeti?
♜ - What was the last thing you purchased?
♝ - Tell a story about something creepy that happened to you, either paranormal creepy, or people being weird creepy.
♞ - A favored holiday tradition.
♟ - Have you ever been in a school play? If so what, and who did you play? Or were you behind the scenes?
✿ - Favorite ice cream flavor?
✽ - Favorite pie or cake flavor?
☀ - Favorite actors or actresses beginning with the last letter of your last name?
☃ - Name some seemingly stupid things that make you really angry or annoyed.

((Work again today, but with longer hours -___-

I’ll reply to things when I get home and I also have tomorrow off ;D

Talk to y’all later~))


"Y’don’t think so?"


"I heard ‘em use it in Austin Powers."

"Well I guess you’re doomed then if they’ve been using it that long."


Billy just kept grinning as he followed Leo. As he looked around though, some things were starting to look familiar. “Does that make us friends then?” 

Crap— that was probably dumb to ask. You’ve spent too much time around monks and not enough around people your own age, Hong.

Quickly, he tried to brush off his question with a laugh. “No, I know his name, Dad told me. And I remember when he saved my mom and me some years ago, so I know Captain Cold, too.”

"Friends?" So, he’s got more than just his smile from James then. Leo wasn’t entirely sure about how Older!James was about it but he knew that the James his age was all about being friends with everyone and even the littlest thing in common made him want to be friends with someone.

"Uh… I guess so?" Leo wasn’t the type to be friends with just anyone, but the guy doesn’t seem that bad and if he’s anything like James, then at the very least he knows he can handle that kind of personality.

Nearing the next corner Leo pointed at the street sign before he said, “We turn here, and it should be at the just another block or two away.” Leo turned towards Billy, raising a questioning eyebrow. ”He saved you and your mom?”


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