Hello.I'm Nataco. I'm sorry for draw REFRECTOR without your permission. I didn't know that's your design. Can I draw REFRECTOR again?

((OMG NONONONO! No need to apologize at all!

I’m glad someone drew him! Even though it was originally my design, I have no problem with people drawing it or changing it. (Someone took my design of Flame, younger Heatwave, and changed it up to match their interpretation and I was cool with it)

It’s okay if you didn’t know it was my design, I don’t think I really made it that known that it was mine. (Plus the Bia (CaptainBadDecisions) drew him a lot as well, (8 )

AND YES PLEASE! Your art is so cute~~~!!! I would be honored if you drew him again.))


kidkold replied to your post:Symbol thing

What di’you think I was hiding?

"Dunno. Bad hat hair, premature balding, bad hair in general, cash, a miniature cold gun/ray?" Thad shrugs. "With enough effort you could hide a number a small items under there."

"A mini gun? I doubt I could find a cryogenic gun that small."

Leo scratches the back of his head. “Could always try to design one, I guess.”


The Flash

Absolutely beautiful.

((I finally got time to get some actual doodles done and here are some alternate Halloween costumes I had for Leo but I’m gonna stay with Freeze right now because I spent so much time on it but never got to use it.

Anyway, here are some alternate outfits~ ;D

Leo as Jack Skellington
Leo as Queen Elsa of Adendale))

» C>

((-Wants a halloween icon-

-too busy to be able to do anything worth of any good quality since time is occupied with school, work, and homework in any free/downtime I have.-

-uses image drawn a year ago-

… At least the quality is still good.))

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kidkold liked this for a (dopey) starter.


        ”Spending time with you is like
                        sitting in a rosebush
                        — with no pants on.”

"Doesn’t that sound pleasant..
Then why are you even talking to me if that’s how you feel?”

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;; I’m alright. u vu 

I also like your headcanons~ :’> ;;

((I’m glad to hear that.

alkjf and thanks. >//<))

» C>



((Fuck! The day has come! God I wish I could help you Jinx dear, but Leo is deady afraid of Zoom right now. Y’know after almost being killed by him TWICE now. )8 Leo will always love you baby~))

[ I just restumbled upon this post and I’m laughing like Zoom pops up in front of Jinx and Leo as they’re sharing ice cream and he’s like “Leo” and she’s like “do you know this guy?  Leo?  Leo?”  and turns and there’s just a half eaten ice cream cone on the ground sorry Jinx if you die know that I love you but I’m going to be gone now ]

((frjqlk;sajdf omg I remember this QAQ))


"Hey, wait a minute. I’ve seen you."


"My kid’s got pictures of you on his cellphone."


"… not weird. Uh… who’s your kid?"

((Hey there y’all! Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve been on. >3<

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‘Mannen Som Elsket Yngve’ (The Man Who Loved Yngve), Stian Kristiansen (2008)