So, what's this I hear about you having an interesting underwear collection?

Wha— Who said anything about my—?!

Dammit Lucky.


Ask my muse about their past.

Ask my muse about their future.

Ask my muse about their relationship with other muses.

Ask my muse about their relationship with the mun.

Ask my muse about their likes and dislikes.


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((Hey. Did someone tag me in something yesterday? Tumblr told me that there’s something in my tag but nothing showed up. 8( ))

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deserves at least a sarcastic laugh. 

this has been on my dash all day and I just got it now

Someone please explain this.

((Hey. Did someone tag me in something yesterday? Tumblr told me that there’s something in my tag but nothing showed up. 8( ))

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((AAHH!! IT’S UP! GEEZE! Almost thought I couldn’t finish before I went to work. Thinking of the right words is hard.

ANYWAY I have to go to work now. Later peeps~ I’ll be home in 9 hours))

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((I feel like a horrible person for not making one of these sooner. I’m so sorry guys! >///<;;; Also please forgive the the picture. I’m not good at making my own graphics….

With me reaching 430+ follows as of recently, and the fact that I have never made one of these before, this post is WAY overdue!

Thank you all so much for following me! I’ve never imagined that I would ever have so many followers, inactive blogs included. This blog has been going on for two years, and for me that’s amazing. I’ve lost this muse a few times, but he always wormed his way back just before I could get as far as thinking of deleting his blog and even with all of my ooc posts and hiatus spurts, you all have stuck with me and that makes me extremely happy.

The Kool Crowd:

Fastest-Boy-Alive: You. You you you you. I can’t get rid of you, can I? Lol XD Or maybe it’s just that I’m so clingy that you’ve been here so long. Either way, you are definitely the one person that has followed me and put up with me the most. From KingModdy to Geo-Force to my slue of Tyrant!Verse blogs and now KidKold, you met me as Moddy and put up with me deleting/creating new blogs and it seems like you’re here to say. XD Which, truth be told, was a comfort for me. It’s always nice having a kind and familiar face when you’re trying to roll with a new crowd. Also it’s so much fun headcanoning/doodle trading with you about our muses~

FrigidAndSharp: Papabear was just a nickname at first, but you truly became Papabear to me when I first joined the Flash Rogues fandom. You had put up with me and talked to me when I hit some low points and you’ve always been so nice and helpful whenever I was confused over anything Rogues related. Even though we don’t rp often, I always love the rps we get to do. I admire your writing style and portrayal of Len, and can only hope that my writing can match up sometime.

FlyingAmbulist: I think I’ve said this almost too much now, but your are my senpai. RP wise and art wise I admire you so much. Like Papabear you’ve always helped me with Rogue things when I was confused and you made me feel welcome in the Flash Rogue community, even though I was extremely new and still learning about my character as I played him. I love how you play James and how quick witted you are both in and out of character that I can’t help but laugh at most of your posts. I also wish to somehow meet you Papabear and Gabe sometime irl. I think that’d be fun. 8)

RedXMarksTheSpot: You! You’ve been here nearly as long as Fastest-Boy-Alive! I remember once when you were trying to teach me British terms and such in Chatzy. I still remember what a Pram is because of you. Lol Also, I love seeing your blog and how creative and ingenious it is that you have Red X being Jason. They way your portray him makes it seem like he was Red X all along in the show. You’ve also hooked me on BlackX and it’s hard for me to ship odd-never-met-pairings like that so good show dude.

BetterLuckNexxTime: You dear. We’ve been through a lot. XD We were both starting out on our blogs, me just a few months on mine more than you had started on Jinx, possibly? Either way, we were still new and when you asked for some help I had sent you, basically, a Harry Potter novel worth of information, advice, and my personal opinions on Jinx and Kid Kold’s relationship and gladly… that didn’t push you away from me. Lol We’ve been through a lot of hiatuses too on either end and still I’m glad you’re happy rping with me again, even if Leo and Jinx’s relationship is a little awkward right now.

Other Ice People (I love all of you and I miss/want to interact and love seeing you all on my dashboard when you show up~ No matter how long I’ve been following you):

APipeLineToHeaven, Ask-Rita-Repulsa-Blog, AskTheRenegadesCaptainBadDecisionsCanary-Noir, CommanderColdDarkMeditation, DementedSpeedster, DontGetJinxedFasterThanSupesFatalAfterShock, FlashWifeFortunatenaxFrozenDelinquentGapToothedPrince, HailFellows-WellMet,  I-Quote-Twain, JustM3h, KidOfTricksLucklessPrincess, Meinarch, MirrorMonarchMusic-Holic, NotYourIceIceBaby, RenegadesTopSpinningKid, ThatKidInTheMirrorTheDarkEmpath, TheLittleArrow, TheRenegadeHeatstrokeThoseBoomingPowerChords, TyrannicalBird, WeatherWarlockYourKittenHasArrived

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» The Muns’ Studio - ask me questions about the way I play my muse, why I’ve made certain decisions in their story and anything you’d like to know about what I think of them.


do it

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☆ + My url



I’m a cute stammering idiot that flusters easily.


I’ve got the best underwear collection in town.


I pretend to be am mean (going to grow up as Captain Cold) 


Unless you give me ice cream or take me to the zoo to see the baby polar bears.

Haha. Very funny.


I just said I can talk with a god. So I know a lot of things. Not everything, but a lot.


I won’t tell anyone if you say so, just thought you’d like to know he smiled at you. That was a very good thing to do.

You know, your dad did the same thing. Not exactly the same situation, but he and all the other Rogues saved me and my mom.

Did he ever get to tell you that? ‘Cause it ties in with everything else I was gonna tell ya.

Yeah, I got that…. and… thanks.

He did? Um… no actually. I haven’t gotten the chance…

You're the one I was told is attached to Wally by the hip..?


Attatched at the—? Who the fuck told you th—

Wait. Lisa?


Kind of.

He does talk to me and I can talk to him.

For instance, Meshta was pleased with your actions….last week? He told me that you stood up for and saved someone.


That was very heroic, Leo.

Okay the—

… how do you… 

… Don’t tell anyone about that.


No no— it doesn’t start that long ago. Like 6— no wait, 7 years ago.

That was when the monks came to Cali to tell my mom that I was the Majee, which— as I said, means I’ve been appointed by the god, Meshta, to watch/observe/and relay to him.. mankinds progress.

…didja get that? Cause that’s the vanilla stuff.

…. Okay?

So you’re… a “messenger of god”?

…. Not entirely sure if I believe you, but crazier things have happened I guess.