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☁ ☾ ✽

☁:Favorite part of RPing.

Probably the friends you make from it. I mean, I have some mutuals from my first ever Teen Titans blog (which was KingModdy, aka Mad Mod), and though we might not rp a lot, if at all, the fact that they still followed me here and at least talked to me ooc when I started up was really cool, and hey, that means I’ve knows some of these Titans for almost 3 years now which is weird and cool all at the same time. XD

Also the creativeness of writing/coming up with the characters. Kid Kold, for example, is the most “OC-Canon” character ever. XD He is literally a half issue supporting role who just happens to be based off of Captain Cold. Other than that really, everything about him I made up because, again, half issue character, you don’t get a lot from canon, and I can’t possibly be the only one who wanted to know more about him.

☾:Favorite moment from your Muse’s canon, and why. (If your Muse is an OC, then favorite aspect of their story.)

Hmm… I gotta say I love me some puns. XD Okay, I guess that’s more just about him and not a moment.

It’s hard to say. I love the entire story he’s in, and if I choose a part I like best it’s just me choosing apart of his personality or a trait of his that I like. -shrugs-

✽:Favorite season?

His entire half issue. XD

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They even have my favorite Blue Ranger~))

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» Some fun Munday asks!
♦: Relationship with your Muse.
♠: What's one thing you dislike about your Muse?
♣: Any headcanons about your muse?
♥: One thing you love about your Muse.
☾: Favorite moment from your Muse's canon, and why. (If your Muse is an OC, then favorite aspect of their story.)
☄: What you think of your Muse.
♪: Favorite song.
✫: Why you began RPing.
✽: Favorite season?
❂: The Mun's birthday. (Month and date--no year!)
☂: Favorite kind of weather.
✤: Favorite kind of food.
▲: The Mun's Zodiac sign. (Any kind of Zodiac works!)
●: If you could say just one thing to your Muse, what would it be?
☑: An OTP with your Muse in it (if you have any).
☒: A NOTP with your Muse in it (if you have any).
☁: Favorite part of RPing.
✉: Any RPers the Mun admires.
▶: A talent of the Mun's (besides RPing, of course!)
♬: Sing or say something! Post the link to it.


they may be a minor character but they are a major character in my heart

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